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Long day, good ending

Went hiking today. The long way around. I didn't die, either. Actually, we're going to start going the long way around from now on, apparently. I don't mind though. I like the way it feels when I'm done. I'm tired, but almost ready to go again.


Anyway, if you're curious, this is the trail we're hiking. We've been going from Park HQ, to the split where you can turn right, back around the loop and down to the park HQ. It's easier that way. If you go the other way (all the way north, then around to the east and back down to HQ), there's a 1/4 mile stretch where you go up about 500 feet. It's steep as hell, and it hurts. So that's the way we're going to go from now on.

(another_day) went with us today, and she did really well. I'm proud of her for going, and even more proud that she finished with not a word of complaint. Soon she'll be out in front and we'll all be begging her to slow down.

(heath) made dinner after. Grilled chicken and grilled romaine heart salad. Damn that was good. I'll be making that myself next week I think. I'll post a recipe when I've got it down.

Enough for now. Must code.

-Mark, a (very busy) big fatass.
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