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By face ith dumb...

I went to the dentist today. I've decided three things:

  • Dental insurance is a Good Thing(tm). $600 of work for $90 is a damn good deal no matter how you approach it.

  • Taking care of your teeth is as important as anything else. If your teeth aren't taken care of, you'll either lose them or spend lots of time and money getting them fixed. Both options suck.

  • I hate novocaine. Well, not really hate, exactly. I like not feeling a thing as the dentist drills down into the depths of my mouth. But I hate having the entire right side of my face numb for 5 hours. I'd almost rather deal with the pain of the work. The person that invents a novocaine canceling agent that can be taken after the work is done and takes effect immediately will be rich, mark my words.

That's all for now, really. I'm tired and I have to work tonight. I'm sure ladonne would like for me to be on time, maybe even a little early. I'll do my best.

-Mark, a (freshly repaired) big fatass.
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